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關於我們 About Us



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原料採用 PVC、TPU,符合歐盟、美、日衛生安全標準。

“Taiwan TONG-FONG Mattress Company” have been established in 2016 year. We specialize in producing “Well-Ventilated mattresses for beds” and “Well-Ventilated cushions for chairs” and have multinational patents. The amazing designs have special characters, included compact structure, tubular type, across-stacking, natural air circulation. Technology comes from human nature, so that our products don’t have unnecessary spare-parts to offer friendly prices. Hope our offers match your demands during daily life.

“Taiwan TONG-FONG Mattress Company” offer these mattresses and cushions for medical, car, office, computer,camp ; pillow and baby to improve your life.

Product Characters,

Well-ventilated, soft, comfortable, elastic, friendly price, easy to carry, easy to clean. To decrease sweating from muggy, reduce the probability of bedsores, hemorrhoids, prickly heats for better life quality. The materials PVC, TUP are qualitied to the standard in EU, America, Japan.